Trail 373 and 396 off White Spar Road

Trail 373 starts across from the water fall at Prescott Pines Mobile Park. The sign says 373 and it heads into the back of the White Spar Campground. Your ride though the campground to the bottom of School House Gulch and the trail will begin on your left about 50-feet up School House Gulch Road.

Trail 396 is moderate, smooth, well-maintained and perfect for the casual rider. You can ride this trail all the way up to Goldwater Lake and then from there ride around the lake and continue on to the dam service trail or the Feldmeier Trail. Either of these choices will take you down to the bottom of the dam road almost to the bottom. Trail 373 is on the left before you reach the gate and is the wonderful ride back over to the White Spar Campground. From there you go whatever direction you want.