Nick’s Feed Your Face Menu

All Nick’s subs come on fresh-baked white or wheat French bread, with cabbage, tomato, onions, pickles and our own oil & vinegar dressing.

Mayo and mustard are available on request. Cheese choices: Provolone, Swiss or Cheddar

The Bargain Basement: 6” $5.91 9” $6.92 12” $7.94
Poor Boy; turkey, cotto salami & choice of cheese
Hummus sub; homemade hummus, choice of cheese & pepperoncinis
Big Cheese; swiss, provolone & cheddar cheeses
The Gobbler; turkey pastrami, turkey breast & choice of cheese
K.B.; lots of veggies, plus pepperoncinis & black olives
The Classics: 6” $6.51 9” $7.52 12” $8.54
Vic’s Special; turkey, cotto salami, ham & choice of cheese
Depth Charge; cotto salami, genoa salami & provolone
Tuna Sub; homemade tuna salad & choice of cheese
Ham Slammer; ham & choice of cheese
Turkey Sub; turkey breast & choice of cheese
Turkey & Ham; turkey breast, ham & choice of cheese
Rude Boy; turkey pastrami, ham, genoa salami & swiss cheese
The High Rollers: 6” $7.20 9” $8.21 12” $9.23
Torpedo; cotto salami, genoa salami, provolone & swiss
Roast Beef Sub; lean roast beef & choice of cheese
Belt Buster; cotto, ham, turkey, genoa salami & all three cheeses
The Extras (Sandwich Extras/Toppings): $ .88
Pepperoncini Peppers; Yellow & Red Sweet Pepper Mix; Chopped Black Olives; Jalapeños
Extra Meat, Cheese or Hummus: $1.60
Pop, Water, Tea or Orange Juice: $1.20
Chips: $1.20
Can’t eat bread? Ask about our SALAD SUBS
418 W. Goodwin St. 778-3743

Hours: 10:30-2:30, Monday-Friday, Closed Weekends

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