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Vic’s Sub Shop

After the family-owned neighborhood grocery store went up in flames in the early sixties Vic Faulstick reopened as a sandwich shop. Catering to a loyal group of regular customers, Vic kept the shop small and made a lot of sandwiches to go.

Take a look at Nick’s Feed Your Face and you’ll have the general idea about the size and operation of Vic’s shop. Nick does everything almost exactly the same as his father with a few exceptions. There is the oil and vinegar thing; that’s all Vic offered and if you wanted mustard or other condiments you had to bring your own. There were bottles and bottles of condiments with people’s names on them in the back of the fridge.

Vic had seven kinds of subs and didn’t introduce turkey until the late seventies. With Vic there was a lot of baloney and also salami and American cheese. There was a whole lot of cabbage stuffed into subs back in the day. The bread came from Gonnela Bakery, was really sturdy, came in three-foot long loaves that you could store standing on end. The bread was crusty and it was great.

According to Nick it was great growing up in a sub shop where he started working at the age of 12. By the time he was a genuine teenager he had more money than his peers and just enough to get into some real trouble. He worked at Vic’s Sub Shop until he left Chicago to attend Prescott College and that was so many years ago we won’t embarrass him by telling you when.